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Establishing fair rate for services is absolutely essential in today's competitive market. We have adopted new ways of presenting our charges and we deliver innovative solutions in true sense of the word. Our billing methods are efficient, professional and ethical.
The conditions and billing models for every project are settled individually. Following are 3 pricing methods we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific request and together we find the best solution for your project. 
Transparent billing: net rates + fix project management fee

No more mystery where the costs come from, it´s clear to see. All costs are disclosed and the services are charged at net rates from suppliers, clear of any commissions and hidden extras. Like this you and your procurement department know what is the real value of the services you buy. The fee for our professional work, expertise and creativity is displayed separately and it determines what services are covered for that amount.

Our independence keeps the costs down for you. Since we charge a fix management fee and not percentage of the total, this enables us to provide our clients with independent advice and the lowest prices of supplier's services.

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Destination consulting

Not looking for full suite of DMC services? In this scenario the planner may contract all or some of the suppliers directly and we provide partial services only. Our management fee for each particular service is either clearly stated or you pay us for the real time we spent on the project. 

Samples of services: Site inspections, recommendations and selection of suppliers, availability research and reservation services, accompanying activities for meeting groups, program logistics, on site management, etc.

Traditional billing: rates bundled with DMC markup

Many companies prefer traditional method of pricing, when all rates already include the DMC mark-ups. To avoid price objections and confusions about what is being sold by the DMC and what is being bought by the planner, here is the formula which explains what the price includes:


A+B=the selling price of the service -  gala dinner arrangements for example:


A=the cost of the gala dinner from the DMC´s suppliers (rental of the venue, cost of catering and decoration, accompanying/animation program cost, transportation, hostesses)

B=the DMC profit including infrastructure cost (labor intensive work which includes compiling a complete outline of services, suggesting the right venues, checking availabilities, booking of the venue, contracting, planning, coming up with creative ideas for the program and decoration, dealing with all suppliers, on-site management).​​


The key is to understand you are not paying just for the cost of the food and venue. You pay for the service of having onsite local professionals who help you to plan and orchestrate a successful evening and who make sure all your plans are executed perfectly. As your local coordinator we are the calming force, the trouble-shooter and the director of your event.

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