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COVID-19 before and after... VANADOO at Virtual Summit and what will be next?

We have participated at a Virtual Summit in the US in March 2020. A global portfolio of DMC experiences across the destinations was presented there.

The video below is our contribution. We were happy to introduce ourselves and show a bit of what this wonderful city can offer for incentives, meetings and events.

But world has changed since then… COVID-19 and lockdowns of countries made our industry VIRTUAL, literally… Who would have expected this at the beginning of March…

For some time now, this will probably be the only communication channel how to connect with MICE professionals from across the world…

How did we deal with the lockdown? What can Czech Republic offer for events in the future? Will events be concentrated further away from the big cities? What are the new practices and innovations implemented to focus on health, hygiene and safety?

You will learn all this and even more in our new home-made video (yes, we love to pretend we are youtubers now :-) which will be released n a couple of weeks.

Until then, greetings from Prague, Linda & Magda

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