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Full service Prague DMC with more than 20 years experience in incentive travel, meeting and event planning.

Our excellent reputation is built on organising ​successful events in Prague and Czech Republic for clients from around the globe and across the industries. 

We could be bigger, but why?

VANADOO was founded in 2000. We met with great success and began to grow nicely, eventually to a team of 10+ people. For us, it meant a lot more time handling marketing and management duties and less opportunity to do what we love best, working directly with our clients. So after more than 20 years in the business (more on that below) we’ve scaled back our team a bit, but not our services. We prepare events from A-Z with the goal of developing long-term and rewarding relationships with both our clients and suppliers. Clients are confident in working with us because they know we will be with them from initial planning and booking through preparation and by their side on the big day.

When we had been in this business less than 20 years, we liked to boast that every extra year we stuck around we gained experience and credibility. But what do you say when you’ve crossed that 20-year threshold? More than two decades along, we decided we needed to at least slightly adjust part of our motto which previously stated that it was our enthusiasm and young team spirit that consistently goes above and beyond to get the job done well. We decided we should be brutally honest and deleted the word ‘young.’

Of course, youthful energy and finding joy in our work continues to play a huge role in what we do every day. Our long-term presence in the Prague incentive, meeting and event business means added value to our clients and the fact that no matter the challenge we can approach and solve it stress-free. We have perfected our event sixth senses so that potential red flags are immediately noted and dealt with from the very beginning. Our simple goals for every event are smooth planning and straightforward prep phases which end in a flawless, and fun, event. 

Strong relationships with the best suppliers ensures that we know who to contact first for any wish a client might have. We believe in polite and professional communications and handle any challenge or negotiation calmly and respectfully. We’ve already vetted the best hotels, venues and restaurants in Prague and the Czech Republic and recommend the ones that will transform your event into An Event. 

We’ve organised programmes for well-known people from around the world, ranging from political leaders to pop stars. We have fulfilled the demanding wishes of sheiks and their families, we’ve often been confronted with conflicts among event participants. We organised a great incentive event for 4,500 participants, the biggest event of its kind in Prague. We have the local know-how, the expertise. and are passionate about what we do. 

We can’t wait to make your next event in Prague spectacular.

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