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The participants came in two big groups:

Day 1: 2100 pax arrived in smaller groups to Prague, enjoyed day activities in the town and afterwards they were transferred to an evening party venue. Accommodation was arranged in various hotels within the town.

Day 2: Some groups (who arrived later the day before) had taken part on the city program; some were transferred directly to the airport to take the empty chartered planes which were subsequently bringing the second 2100 people. Those arriving people were also taking part on the program in the city and in the evening they were again taken to the party venue, where identical program as the night before was arranged.

D 3: Program in the city and subsequent departures of 2100 people from Prague.

We were focused on minimizing the transportation times and "deaf" moments, and we carefully choreographed a program that captured the spirit of the destination. We have privatized and designed numbers of venues in the city centre like restaurants, theatres, public squares, which were turned into SOGETI HOT SPOTS. Those places were precisely marked and maintained so wherever the guests turned to there was something interesting for them to see (even in the air), to do, to hear and to touch, even to taste and to smell. Every participant received a personalized pack with customized program, activity vouchers, accommodation details and identification wristband. Thanks to the color wristbands we were able to recognize and to place the guests into the correct hotel, city program, evening party and charter flight. The transportation logistic within the city center was solved by numbers of exclusively chartered historic trams, which were operating as shuttle transport within the hot spots and hotels.
In the evening we transferred all 2100 participants at the same time from different hotels to the party venue. We used a huge tent as a cloakroom, which was divided into sections for different hotels. The main dining room settled for pre-seated dinner featured 170 round tables and large screen where pictures from the day were presented. Thanks to additional space available, all 2100 guest were after the dinner leaded by sensational percussion band to the second wing where they enjoyed a private concert by a big name Dutch entertainer René Froger and Sisters Sledge. The party took place till early morning hours.

Interesting facts | To accomplish all this we utilized:


  • In total 96 flights (incl. empty legs) were needed to bring everyone to and from Prague.

  • A fleet of 55 coaches were on operation or stand by every day. In total 451 transfers were made during those 3 days.

  • Manpower (on site staff) 238 persons: 16 VANADOO coordinators, 122 hostesses and 54 guides were contracted by VANADOO, 46 coordinators brought from Holland

  • About 550 service staff: 240 waiters, 100 cooks, 70 bus drivers, 80 technicians and others

  • 1400 kg of veal meat

  • Catering equipment and all F&B for each evening were delivered by 10 camions

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