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Prague ranked the greenest city in the world

Prague has been named the greenest city in the world according to a new index by Dutch travel website TravelBird.

The Czech capital comes in first in rankings based on the percentage of green space against the total area of the city, with a whopping 56.74% and seventh considering the square metres of green area per person,

Green spaces measured for the index included forests & woodlands, nature reserves, parks, maintained grass areas, public gardens, golf courses, orchard, vineyards, and farmland.

In total, 12.6% of Prague is made up of forests and woodlands, and 4.76% of the city is nature reserves – relatively low numbers of natural green spaces compared to some of the other cities on the list.

No other city crossed the 50% mark, with Madrid (44.85%) and Vienna (42.68%) trailing Prague in the rankings. A total of 50 major cities across the world were analyzed for the Green Cities Index.

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